In-Home Therapy

Whether you are a skilled rehabilitation therapist looking for a new challenge, or a patient that has suffered a recent hospitalization, or has had surgery, we welcome you to Excel Rehab, Utah’s premier provider of in-home therapy services.

Our experience has shown that in-home therapy allows people to get better quickly because they are in a familiar environment with strong support. When you allow us to be a part of your support team, we bring clinical knowledge, experience, expertise and energy to a functional level where you will enjoy life and what matters most.

Excel Rehab maintains a diverse staff of experienced and highly trained professionals, which allows us to personalize a rehabilitation plan based on your individual goals, capabilities and situation.

To learn more about how our customized combination of staff and services can help you enjoy a more comfortable and functional life, please contact one of our In-Home Therapy consultants by using our convenient email form, or by calling 801-708-9226.

If you are an experienced professional, we invite you to view our list of open positions.

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